Video of first time/impressions

    • Hey,

      Thank you so much for the feedback :)

      Can you tell me please what software did you use to record the video? That might have been the reason of the performance issues.
      Or did you notice any performance issues without recording?
      Also can you give me your hardware specs?

      Thank you :)

      - Azarus

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    • Hey there! Thanks for the video. It would be awesome if you could put this on "Unlisted" on Youtube. We really appreciate the feedback but exactly because of issues like you reported we don't want to publish the demo yet.

      We just don't want that people who search for the game in a few weeks and come across this get the wrong impression. Hope that's cool.
    • It's now unlisted.

      I've never had luck with Shadowplay + VR, so I use Windows 10's Game DVR. I wondered if that might affect performance too, but it's the same with or without it (and generally I've found that it never seems to really impact my VR experiences). To elaborate, I can actually look around with my head and it seems buttery smooth. The bubbles and my tracked controllers, however, seem to be impacted.

      The arrow stuff feels a little weird. I'm in no position to tell you how to design your game, but I think I'd like it better if there was "friction" in the air, and the push/pull a bit stronger to compensate for that. I dunno, I'm still getting used to it I guess :)

      Is there a way to get more effects in-game like during the initial loading/intro screen? I'd like to see more of that.

      Also, Unreal Engine wants to send a crash report every time I exit the game (via "Exit VR Retreat and VR," the way I normally end VR sessions).
    • Thanks a lot! Did you try Raw Data? So far people didnt write us about performance issues but some setups seem to have problems with UE4 games in general.

      We really want to take the arrow out of easy mode because it makes the game too simple. The fun is in controlling the bubble. We might only keep the arrow in the tutorial (and hell we will fix a lot of issues with the tutoiral haha, thanks to your video!)

      Best thing for the particles would be to use the custom settings and put the particle count up in the Darkness world. That's designed for this.

      Lots of bug fixing ahead of us. Thanks so much for your detailed feedback!
    • I played Raw Data during the free weekend, and it was fine. I can look up the version of nVidia drivers I'm using, if you want -- I refunded the game Redout because it ran VERY poorly, and I don't have a good explanation for that other than that VR drivers are still new and perhaps have unwanted side effects.

      I'll see if I can find time to hop back in either tonight or sometime during the weekend.

      This is entirely in wishlist-territory, but I'd enjoy a "game" mode where you're simply directed to move your controllers into spheres that randomly appear in the area -- doing so would perhaps produce a small particle explosion effect, and then the particles continue to follow your controller sort of like the game "Snake." Do it slowly for a zen-like experience, or quickly for some sort of rave dance feel. In a similar vein -- everyone seems to love popping the popcorn in Call of the Starseed. I think some variation of that might qualify as a "meditative experience" :) Just wanted to throw those out there. I'll try to stick to talking about the game that really exists in future reports.
    • OK, my favorite mode is perhaps just the "meditate" one that lets me play with particles a'la the GPU Cubes tech demo, although nothing that I changed on the title screen options menu seemed to do much about their quantity or density? I wasn't sure what the bells were about, either. I don't care much about navigating an arrow-directed ball through bubbles and was a little surprised to see a "You win!" screen -- I guess I'm not sure it's necessary to really have "game" components in this thing. I love the existing SFX that are already there, but maybe there could be some more subtle ones related to your movements and the particles.

      I like all of the default music selections except "Public," "War" and the hip hop choices.

      What's there isn't bad for a demo, but I think I'll need more before I can consider coming to this instead of Tilt Brush + its visualizer for a "chill out" experience.