Sticky How to Provide Feedback?

    • How to Provide Feedback?

      To provide feedback please make a New Thread in this section. Or you can send an email to

      What should i write about?
      Please include all information and observations, what did you like and what you did not like?
      Including ideas, features that you would like to see in the game.

      Help us to improve the game so we can make the best out of this.

      My game crashed what to do?
      If you experience a crash please send us your logs.
      Your log files can be found in your game folder. Your game folder is in your steam installation folder.
      (Steam Library)\steamapps\common\VR Retreat Demo\VRRetreatPreview\Saved\Logs\

      We're excited to hear about how you enjoy our game :)


      Have a question? Send an email to
    • Couple things. I'm writing up my thoughts on it so far, but in the mean time I didn't get a 'crash' per-say, but I did get a lockup while trying to close the app in VR. I had to close out SteamVR and manually kill the process. With that in mind here is two things right off the bat.

      1. Make this thread a sticky so it stays at the top so others will be able to know how you would like reports and how you want it reviewed.

      2. Where would you like error logs sent or post and with what information? Do you want a dxdiag or other information with the error reports?