Love the rabbit.

    • Love the rabbit.

      Just a brief overview because i've only spent a short time in the demo and wanted to express first thoughts. I really liked that rabbit, the way it responded to attention. It reminded me a little of the Lumen de-stress (LifeVR) app. Frankly despite the fact that it was developed by professionals that falls a long way short of what i'd expected. Perhaps it's a limitation of the port from cardboard.
      I think VR has great potential for mindfullness training and can imagine something like sitting above a pond of Koi fish. There's one beautiful Koi that swims and slowly evolves with your gaze. Traditionally when a thought enters your mind you acknowledge and then 'dispatch' it (imagine it moving away like a cloud in the sky or on a conveyor belt). This could be achieved by using a controller to 'attribute' that that interruption to another smaller, darker fish.
      Apologies if this feedback is obtuse and bears little relevance to the core game. Just expressing some appreciation for that rabbit ;)