Feedback : Wow, magical meditation

    • Feedback : Wow, magical meditation

      I got sent a key for this game on reddit and forgot all about it until tonight, but wow, I'm so glad I remembered. My last 5 minutes in meditation mode just throwing stars around were amazing.

      What I liked:

      - Meditation mode
      - The environments with landscape (galaxy and forest)
      - The music! Where did the music come from? I'd love some more of it.
      - The controls, and how fluid it feels to use both controllers at once to do something.

      What I didn't like:

      - Grow mode in general feels just a tad unsatisfying. I think it's something to do with the way things bump instead of absorbing like I would hope from traditional games in the genre.
      - My feet aren't on the ground in environments with a ground! Still better than...
      - ...environments with no ground at all. They just break immersion for me entirely.
      - Music interrupts and restarts when I load a level, even though my chosen music plays in the main menu. I'd honestly rather it just didn't play in the main menu and I was forced to load a level to hear it.
      - My framerate was really inconsistent in some environments. Fortunately today's steamVR beta update saved me from motion sickness (async reprojection), but it felt less real.